About Helen Cox BA (Hons.), DipArchCons, MA

Although I've always been interested in English history and heritage, I'm not a 'real' historian. My academic background is in archaeology, conservation and museum studies - I have an Honours degree in Archaeological Studies from the University of Leicester, a post-graduate Diploma in Archaeological Conservation from the University of Durham, and a Masters degree in Museum Studies also from Leicester - and I started out working as an objects conservator- restorer in museums in Britain and the USA. In 1997 I went freelance as a conservation consultant, then took early retirement in 2005 to pursue my interests in medieval history and creative writing. I became an active member of the Richard III Society, speaking at conferences and regularly contributing to the Society website and newsletter, The Ricardian. I also joined Towton Battlefield Society (TBS), took up longbow archery and discovered the fascinating 'lifestyle hobby' of Wars of the Roses re-enactment. A member of the TBS Executive Committee for several years, I wrote the Society's press releases and publicity material, edited its newsletter, The Towton Herald, and until April 2016 acted as Secretary for its affiliated Wars of the Roses re-enactment group, The Frei Compagnie.




About Herstory Writing & Interpretation

Discovering how much I enjoyed 'living in the past' prompted me to found Herstory, a Wakefield-based business offering historical writing and interpretation services to clients in the Yorkshire region.


As a writer, I can generate articles for magazines and newspapers; chapters for books; items for websites; press releases; book reviews; and text for promotional brochures. As an experienced lecturer and costumed interpreter, I can design and deliver a wide variety of presentations for audiences ranging from school children to senior adults. And as a guide, I can lead site tours and walks at Wars of the Roses buildings and battlefields, in medieval costume if required. You'll find further details of my services in the Publications, Presentations and Guided Walks sections of this site, and news on forthcoming public lectures and appearances in the Events section. And if you click on the button below, you'll find a list of various items, fiction and non-fiction, that I've published to date - or if you'd like more information about my racy Game of Thrones-style fantasy saga published under my fiction pen-name Rae Andrew, check out the website for the Lay of Angor trilogy.