Line of tents 1 april snow

4th April


Gosh - what a difference two days makes! On the left, another glorious Palm Sunday morning gets under way at Towton on April 1st... and on the right, the view from my office window today. We always get cracks about how nice it would be to have authentic (snowy) weather for the battle commemoration... but I must confess, I'm very glad we didn't! In fact we had perfect conditions for re-enactors and traders dressed up in woolly costumes and armour... bright and sunny, but with a cool breeze and intermittent cloud cover. And we couldn't have asked for a more successful event - a full field of living history, traders and shows, the barn packed out with exhibitors, and a

crowd of 2500 people enjoying themselves. Not to mention buying Walk Towton 1461... Alan and I sold nearly 40 copies on the day, and with other sales and orders, our initial consignment of 100 is almost exhausted! Mick and I are almost exhausted, too. We had a marvellous time - including my first solo guided battlefield walk, which went very well, and later shooting Lord Clifford again in the battle finale, which is always a pleasure - but it was very full-on, and we're still aching and weary! So we're looking forward to a nice quiet Easter to gird up our loins for the coming Frei Compagnie season... and for the combined launch of Walk Towton and Gondarlan at Wakefield Waterstone's on the 28th. In the meantime, I'm doing another 'History of Chocolate' lecture for Horbury Historical Society tonight... so I guess I'd better brave the sleet and go out to buy some samples...

archers 12

18th April


A York, a York! On the right, courtesy of David Skillen, is a rare image of my medieval male alter ego, 'Jack Doncaster', doing battle at this year's Palm Sunday event at Towton (the little dumpy archer in brown hose and livery tabard to the left of the picture!). Unfortunately, he didn't capture my moment of glory, slaying Lord Clifford again... but it's quite reassuring to see that I don't look too obviously girly in my fighting gear.


It all seems a world away now... the time since has passed in such a whirl of selling books, publicising books and getting ready for the combined launch of Walk Towton 1461 and Gondarlan at Waterstone's on the 28th. Alan and I are both very excited, and pleased with how things are going so far... in fact we've sold so many 'Walks' that I've had to send off for a fresh consignment!

April 2012

29th April


Well and truly launched! Yup, here's me and Alan at Wakefield Waterstone's yesterday, posing with our new publications. Everything went swimmingly, family and friends stopped by to see us, and we sold copies of both titles - so a good day all round! And if you'd like a copy but couldn't make the launch, fear not... you can order them directly from York Publishing Services, Amazon, Waterstone's on-line bookstore or your high street branch. Walk Towton 1461 is also available from Towton Battlefield Society (on sale at Society events, or from the on-line shop), with 30% of proceeds going into TBS funds.


I'm also selling signed copies of Gondarlan and Walk Towton at discount prices to UK customers: £6.00 each, plus £1.50 post + packing - so if you'd like to order any, email me on and I'll pop one in the post. But for now I'm off to celebrate - Mick's home-brewed cider is ready for drinking at last!