Guided Walks

If you would like to walk in 15th century footsteps, let Herstory guide you around Wars of the Roses sites in Yorkshire! Wakefield walks start from £30  for up to 6 people, or £5 per person for larger groups. Towton walks start from £40 for up to 6 people, or £6 per person for larger groups. From September 2017, my availability is limited to weekends only.


Walk the Battle of Wakefield: Walk through what was Richard of York's deer-park to Sandal Castle, and on to the site of his death in battle on Manygates Lane; or pay a visit to Pontefract Castle, where Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, was beheaded the day after the battle.


Walk the Battle of Towton: Visit sites connected with Britain's bloodiest battle, including Lead deserted medieval village and church, Saxton church, Old London Road, Bloody Meadow and Dacre's Cross.


Walking the Battles of Wakefield and Towton: left, at Sandal Castle with author and military historian David Cooke; right, walking the Towton Battlefield Trail