Interpretation Services

Let Herstory bring history to life for you!

With more than twenty years of experience in lecturing and public speaking including twelve years as a Wars of the Roses re-enactor for Towton Battlefield Society, I'm well placed to communicate all aspects of medieval history to a wide range of age and ability groups. I can do this in costume (male or female) as required, and have a large handling collection of replica objects including clothing, weaponry, tableware and kitchen utensils to enliven my presentations - on the right you can see me dressed in a gambeson and brigandine, delivering a session on 'Arming the Archer' for a class at Greenhill School in Wakefield. So if you would like a lecture, full day of training and activities or a guided tour of local castles and battlefields, check out the Presentations and Guided Walk pages for further details and prices.

greenhill lecture