May 2012


30th May

Some good news to end the month: Gondarlan should be getting a mention, maybe a review, in the June issue of the Fantastic Literature newsletter. Fantastic Literature is a book supply company specialising in science fiction and fantasy literature, including rare and out-of-print publications, so I'm very thrilled that they're going to feature Lay of Angor... a signed copy of which is on offer as a prize in their monthly competition, if you fancy trying your luck! Meanwhile, if you're a Facebook follower, Lay of Angor has its own page now where you can keep up to date on developments and view reader comments about Gondarlan.

Speaking of Facebook, our Henry (there he is, looking cute on the left) is starting to attract quite a following on my personal page... to the extent that several people have suggested I should write a book about him! So I am giving some thought to a 'Tails of Henry Wowler' - I can see it in my mind's eye, illustrated with Gray Joliffe-style cartoons - about the trials and tribulations of being 'cat-parents' (or 'slaves'), and a selection of Henry's more outrageous exploits. Many of these involve other creatures, one way or another (usually dead and in pieces on the kitchen floor)... ever since we gave him a cat-flap, he's been honing his hunting skills and bringing home 'presents' - starting with easy stuff (earthworms and slugs), but now, at the age of 10 months, he's turned into a fully fledged mouser. So I never know quite what I'm going to find when I go downstairs to make that first morning coffee - but often it's pretty unpleasant!

hedge garlic

  Human remains: one of the grave pits Clearing the site - slash and burn! A Towton casualty?

But now that results of the dating and analysis have started coming through, this seems not to be the case... some of the burials are elderly women, the bones considerably pre-date 1461 - and the big hole on that skull above right is recent damage, not a battle injury! So these people weren't victims of Yorkist revenge after Towton... although I'm sure their history will prove to be just as interesting, and maybe just as tragic. Watch this space!

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