November 2011

14th November

Forgive me for another 'catty' entry... young Master Wowler is still dominating our lives! And he's led me to discover a sad thing: apparently animal rescue centres are being swamped with kittens - and pregnant female cats - cast out because their owners can no longer afford to feed them in these straitened times. (I guess the same goes for dogs, too - and it's likely to get worse in the New Year, after the usual rash of hapless animals ill-advisedly given for Christmas). Yes, sad... but at least taking an unwanted pet to the RSPCA or Cats Protection League is responsible, and much kinder than what we're starting to think may have happened to Henry - that rather than escaping and getting lost, he was deliberately dumped in the woods to fend for himself...

It's a horrible idea - but having just found out how many poor animals are currently being abandoned, all too easy to believe. Needless to say, if he hasn't got a caring owner out there searching desperately for him, we won't be burdening the animal welfare services with yet another unwanted pet. To put it into perspective, I've found he costs about 60p a day... less for his week's food than the price of 20 fags, a bottle of wine, or a handful of those moronic pointless texts so many people are addicted to sending. Of course, there's a few more pence on top of that for cat litter... and there'll be vet bills at some point... but it's still a modest enough outlay for the amount of laughs and sheer entertainment value we get from his kittenish antics (although I could wish he was more ground-based, like a puppy... his wall-of-death routine round the living room does get a trifle wearing, both on us and the soft furnishings).

However, we are now settling into a more workable modus vivendi... and while Henry gets down to some serious sleeping (and growing), I'm getting on with the text for Walk Towton 1461 - which is shaping up to be ready for a launch at Towton on Palm Sunday, April 1st 2012!

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