The waning sun over Cock Beck valley - it's always a pleasure to see the battlefield in different seasons and different times of day


Hubcap regales our visitors with the story of Towton's terrible rout


...to fat-cat monster in 2017!

12th November

November 8th is an important date in Helmickton: the anniversary of the fateful night when Hubcap brought home a little, lost, hungry kitten he’d found crying pitifully in the garden of the empty house next door. That was back in 2011; and six years later, Henry Wowler has grown into a large and extremely solid (7.2 kg) citizen of local cat-world - not to mention the apple of his besotted Mummy-cat’s eye.

We’ve had our ups and downs together, like all the worry when, at the age of two, he was diagnosed with a Grade 2 heart murmur, then the subsequent relief when it cleared up all by itself, without (thank goodness) any of the stressful and costly input from a feline cardiologist as recommended by the vet.


From tiny bat-eared foundling in 2011...