Illustrated Lectures on Wars of the Roses Themes:

A Fresh Perspective on the Battle of Wakefield: An in-depth examination of Richard, Duke of York's catastrophic defeat by Lancastrian forces on December 30th, 1460

From Wakefield to Towton: Charting events after the Duke of York's death at Wakefield: Mortimer's Cross and the Second Battle of St Albans

The Battle of Towton, 1461: How Edward IV crushed the Lancastrian army in the biggest, bloodiest battle ever to take place on British soil

Life and Times of Towton: A look at what ordinary people did/how they lived at the time of the Wars of the Roses

Towton: the Battle, the Battlefield and the Battlefield Society: A potted history of the battle, a photographic tour of the battlefield trail and related sites, and an introduction to Towton Battlefield Society

Extraordinary Women: Margaret of Anjou; Cecily, Duchess of York; Elizabeth Woodville; Margaret Beaufort - presentations can focus on any one or more of these major female players in 15th century politics

A Portrait of Richard III: An overview of England's most-maligned monarch. Was Richard just a hunch-backed, child murdering usurper - or was there more to him than that?

The Family of Richard III: A discussion of King Richard's colourful relations including his brothers Edward IV and George, Duke of Clarence

The Parents of Richard III: An in-depth look at the lives and characters of Richard, Duke of York and his wife Cecily Neville

The Reign of Richard III: An evaluation of Richard's career as monarch - an unpopular tyrant or 'Good King Richard'?

Illustrated Lectures on Other Periods:

Henry V: Hero or Horror? A reappraisal of the victor of Agincourt - was heroic Henry all that he seems?

Unfortunate Queens: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr - an overview of the six wives of England's most married monarch, Henry VIII

Mary, Queen of Scots: One of history's most glamorous queens, was Mary a fool for love - or was her reign doomed all along by her family and nobility?

Marie Antoinette: An extravagant, frivolous drunken nymphomaniac - or the well-intentioned, naive victim of vicious libels?

Fish n' Ships: The rise and fall of Grimsby, once the greatest fishing port in the world

A History of Chocolate: The story of our favourite confectionery from the Aztecs to Victorian chocolate in museum collections

Medieval Show n' Tell Sessions (in 15th century costume using replica objects):

Wars of the Roses Re-enactment: A light-hearted look at our lifestyle hobby: how and why re-enactors 'live the history' and interpret it to the public

Medieval Costume: A top-to-toe look at what 15th century people wore, and how it was made

Wars of the Roses Weapons: The protective clothing and equipment of a medieval soldier - sword, dagger, longbow, crossbow

Ordinary Women: How lower to middle-class medieval women lived their lives