Lectures & Presentations

Illustrated Lectures on Wars of the Roses Themes:


A Fresh Perspective on the Battle of Wakefield: An in-depth examination of Richard, Duke of York's catastrophic defeat by Lancastrian forces on December 30th, 1460


From Wakefield to Towton: Charting events after the Duke of York's death at Wakefield: Mortimer's Cross and the Second Battle of St Albans


The Battle of Towton, 1461: How Edward IV crushed the Lancastrian army in the biggest, bloodiest battle ever to take place on British soil


Life and Times of Towton: A look at what ordinary people did/how they lived at the time of the Wars of the Roses


Towton: the Battle, the Battlefield and the Battlefield Society: A potted history of the battle, a photographic tour of the battlefield trail and related sites, and an introduction to Towton Battlefield Society


Extraordinary Women: Margaret of Anjou; Cecily, Duchess of York; Elizabeth Woodville; Margaret Beaufort - presentations can focus on any one or more of these major female players in 15th century politics


A Portrait of Richard III: An overview of England's most-maligned monarch. Was Richard just a hunch-backed, child murdering usurper - or was there more to him than that?


The Family of Richard III: A discussion of King Richard's colourful relations including his brothers Edward IV and George, Duke of Clarence


The Parents of Richard III: An in-depth look at the lives and characters of Richard, Duke of York and his wife Cecily Neville


The Reign of Richard III: An evaluation of Richard's career as monarch - an unpopular tyrant or 'Good King Richard'?



Illustrated Lectures on Other Periods:


Henry V: Hero or Horror? A reappraisal of the victor of Agincourt - was heroic Henry all that he seems?


Unfortunate Queens: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr - an overview of the six wives of England's most married monarch, Henry VIII


Mary, Queen of Scots: One of history's most glamorous queens, was Mary a fool for love - or was her reign doomed all along by her family and nobility?


Marie Antoinette: An extravagant, frivolous drunken nymphomaniac - or the well-intentioned, naive victim of vicious libels?


Fish n' Ships: The rise and fall of Grimsby, once the greatest fishing port in the world


A History of Chocolate: The story of our favourite confectionery from the Aztecs to Victorian chocolate in museum collections



Medieval Show n' Tell Sessions (in 15th century costume using replica objects):


Wars of the Roses Re-enactment: A light-hearted look at our lifestyle hobby: how and why re-enactors 'live the history' and interpret it to the public


Medieval Costume: A top-to-toe look at what 15th century people wore, and how it was made


Wars of the Roses Weapons: The protective clothing and equipment of a medieval soldier - sword, dagger, longbow, crossbow


Ordinary Women: How lower to middle-class medieval women lived their lives







I'm a confident and lively public speaker with a 20+ year track record in delivering all kinds of presentations to very diverse audiences. Educated to Masters degree level, my experience ranges from 'hands-on' history sessions with junior school children through to formal academic lectures for university students.


So whether you're a local society looking for a speaker to fill a slot on your events calendar, a museum wanting hints on working with objects and interpreting them to the public, or an educational establishment looking for single sessions or modules in medieval history, Herstory can tailor presentations to meet your needs; however, from September 2017 my availability is limited - please call 01924 255969 for further details.


Fees are negotiable depending on what you require, but typically start around £40 for an evening session (1.5 - 2 hours); £100 for a half-day (4 hours); and £200 for a full day (8 hours), plus mileage at 40p per mile. I operate mainly within an hour's drive-time from Wakefield (to minimise my travel costs and carbon footprint!), although may be able to travel further afield on occasion - and below you'll find a list of the presentations I currently deliver.


About to deliver 'A History of Chocolate' - with samples!