Walk Towton 1461: A Visitor Guide to Battle-Related Sites

Walk Towton 1461 by Helen Cox & Alan Stringer, Herstory Writing & Interpretation/York Publishing Services

Paperback, 70 pages, 6 maps, 20 black & white plates


ISBN 978-0-9565768-2-8


A follow-up to Walk Wakefield 1460, this illustrated visitors' guidebook traces the winter campaign of Edward, Earl of March, from its beginning at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross in February 1461 to its bloody climax at Towton on Palm Sunday, March 29th. Walk Towton features a brief history of each engagement supplemented with full descriptions, maps, photographs and visitor information for all the related sites including:


Wigmore Castle & Mortimer's Cross

St Albans

Ferrybridge & Dintingdale

Crooked Billet & St Mary's Chapel, Lead

Towton Battlefield Trail

Dacre's Cross & Bloody Meadow

All Saint's Church, Dacre's tomb & Towton monument, Saxton


Locally, Walk Towton 1461 is available to purchase from Sandal Castle Visitor Centre

on Manygates Lane, Wakefield, and The Crooked Billet public house on the B1217

near Saxton.


You can also order copies from the Towton Battlefield Society internet shop, and UK

customers can buy signed copies direct from the authors for £7.50 including postage +

packing by emailing your order to [email protected].




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