Walk Wakefield 1460: A Visitor Guide to Battle-Related Sites

Paperback, 50 pages, 6 maps, 8 black & white plates, 16 colour plates

ISBN: 978-0-9565768-1-1

Price: £7.50


This concise pocket guide (A5 size, 14.8 x 21 cm) gives a potted history of the Battle of Wakefield, told through the places where the action occurred:


Worksop (no known battlefield, but the Priory and Castle are worth a visit)

Wakefield: Sandal Castle, the Duke of York's Monument, Castle Grove Park (the surviving fragment of battlefield) and St Mary's Bridge Chapel

Pontefract Castle

MicklegateBar and York City Walls  


Each section contains a description of what happened at the site, directions on how to get there (including maps), opening times and admission charges where applicable, and other relevant visitor information. The main Wakefield section also contains details of two routes for walkers: Sandal Castle to the Monument/battlefield and on to the Bridge Chapel; and the southern approach to Sandal Castle from Milnthorpe Lane.


'The story of the Battle of Wakefield is little known today, yet it was a pivotal moment in English history. This well-researched little book provides a clear and accessible guide to the most crucial events, whilst also enabling people to explore and understand various heritage sites associated with the battle. I look forward to further titles in the series.'  David Santiuste, author of Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses



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Locally, Walk Wakefield 1460 is available from Sandal Castle Visitor Centre, Manygates Lane, Wakefield. You can also order it from the Towton Battlefield Society internet shop, or UK customers can buy a signed copy direct from the author for £7.50 including post + packing by emailing your order to [email protected]


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